Best Happy Hour in St Pete Florida

Best Happy Hour in St Pete Florida

Best Happy Hour in St Pete Florida

When it comes to happy hour, St Pete knows how to do it right. With an endless selection of bars and restaurants offering discounted drinks and appetizers, there’s something for everyone. From select beer and wine, here is one of our favorite places to wind down after a long day at work. 

After all that time behind the computer, sometimes only a stiff drink will do. Happy hour in St Pete may not be what you’re used to, though. The area is a hub for craft cocktails and sophisticated drinking. Don’t worry, if beer is more your speed! 

Here’s a look at our favorite places for happy hour in St. Pete.

Social Roost, The Place to Go for selected Happy Hour Drinks in St. Pete

Voted Tampa Bay’s best new restaurant for 2021, Social Roost is a hip restaurant and bar that certainly lives up to the hype. If you visit this cozy spot on 150 1st Ave N, make sure you check out their daily menu. 

Social Roost offers an extensive list of items on their happy hour menu, as well as appetizers. 

Happy Hour is from 4:30-6:30 and includes 

$10 select appetizers






Bud Light



Well drinks and house red, white, and bubbles. 


What Are the Best Craft Cocktails and Drinks in DTSP, at Social Roost if I want to try something New?

The following are some of Social Roost’s most popular cocktails. Although not on the happy hour menu, we just cannot recommend enough, don’t miss out on these delicious drinks during your visit.

1. The Socialite

One of the best cocktails you will have at Social Roost is the ‘Socialite.’ This luxuriously fruity drink is a mix of Corazon Reposado, Sparkling Rose, Hibiscus, and Burlesque Bitters (for that extra kick). It’s the perfect mix of sweet and spicy.

2. The Goddess

You can never go wrong with the Goddess. This drink mix includes Elderflower, 21 Seeds Cucumber Jalapeno Tequila, Cilantro, Cucumber, and Basil (you can get creative with that one). The garlic and chive garnish add a little extra something into the mix. What’s not to like?

3. Reunion

Hats off to the genius that came up with this concoction. The Reunion mix Blanco Tequila, Tippler’s Florida Orange Cordial, Vanilla, Sea Salt, and Coconut Cream.

4. Labor of Love

Another mix of Empress Gin, Giffard Pamplemousse Rose, Lilet Blanc, Campari, Pink Grapefruit, St. George Absinthe is what makes up this delicious drink.

Social Roost has a great rotating menu, but these drinks are always sure bets. Make sure to check out the menu next time you’re in!

Fun Places to Visit Downtown, Night Life in Saint Petersburg, FL

Nightlife in St. Pete is divided into a few distinct areas, from entertainment districts to laid-back lounges. We’ve got you covered on everything from trivia nights and live music to doing the limbo at the beach!

If you’re looking for a place that celebrates good drinks and good times, downtown St Pete is not a place you’ll want to miss.

Since downtown St Pete is a city within a city, there’s a lot of things going on from day to night. While it may not have the same number of bars and venues you’d find in Tampa or Ybor City, what it lacks in size, it makes up for with character. Downtowns are usually where all the best activities are at.

There are a few distinct areas in downtown St Pete, each with its unique vibe and corresponding price range.

1. Social Roost

Social Roost will be the happening place with the perfect vibe, incredible staff, and the best drinks, Best Happy Hour in Saint Petersburg! While the Best Drink Menu, Wine and Beer Items at Social Roost in St. Petersburg will quench your thirst, you will also find the most delectable appetizers, and main courses in St. Pete!

2. Mahaffey Theater 

When you want to watch a show, head over to the Mahaffey Theater. With incredible acoustics and a special place in history (it’s where many famous stars like Tom Petty and Slash got their start!) It is one of the best music venues in St Pete. The theater hosts all sorts of performances, from stand-up comedians to orchestras.

The Jazz Room is a great place to get your drink on and take in some live music while you enjoy the atmosphere of one of the best theaters in the area.

3. Sunrise Lanes 

Want to experience a night out like you used to and enjoy it? Try bowling! Sunrise Lanes is a fun bowling alley with an old-school vibe, cheap drinks, and more than 34 lanes of great times. If this isn’t your first time at the lanes, they host live music and special events through their Clubhouse Tavern. 

5 Best Drink Menu, Wine and Beer Items at Social Roost in St. Petersburg, Florida

The following list is a five-drink menu, wine, and beer items at Social Roost in St. Petersburg, Florida. $3.50 for Corona and Bud Light on Happy Hour from 4:30-6:30 and $7.00 for Well drinks and house red, white, and bubbles. 

  1. Sparkling & Champagne

Social Roost offers one of the best drinks in its sparkling and champagne menu. It features drinks like the Chic Barcelona Brut Cava, Cavicchioli 1928 Prosecco, Luc Belaire Luxe Rose from France, and Piper-Heidsieck Brut from France. Social Roost has tried and tested all of these beverages to ensure that they are the best drinks on their menu.

  1. White Wine & Rose Menu

Another great menu is their White Wine and Rose wine menu. It features drinks like the Unoaked Chardonnay from Carmel Road, Monterey, California, Chardonnay from Chamisal, Monterey, California, Pinot Grigio from Cora, David Bowler in Veneto, Italy. You will be left wanting more when you try out the White Wine and Rose wine menu that Social Roost offers.

  1. Red Wine

The Red Wine menu that Social Roost offers is a must-try. It features drinks from all over the world, from Argentina to France. Moreover, they have been tried and tested by patrons of Social Roost to ensure customers satisfaction. 

You will be treated after you pour yourself a glass of red wine from Social Roost. They have drinks that will suit your taste buds in terms of the fruitiness, acidity, body, and tannins they possess in their wines.

  1. Beer

Nothing is refreshing like drinking a cold beer after a long day at work. The menu at Social Roost has beer beverages that are best for quenching your thirst.

The best beer includes the Florida Avenue Hibiscus Wheat Ale, 3 Daughters Key Lime Cider, Big Top Hawaiian Lion Coconut Coffee Porter, and more.

  1. Cocktails

Happy hour downtown St Pete with friends? Social Roost has your back. They have an extensive cocktail menu with drinks like The Socialite, Reunion, Soiree, The Diplomat, and Labor of Love.

These cocktails are made using premium liquors to ensure you get the best experience when you visit Social Roost. 

In Conclusion

The Best Appetizers and Happy Hour in St Pete, Florida, will delight your taste buds, while the Best Drink Menu, Wine and Beer Items at Social Roost in St. Petersburg will quench your thirst.

When you are in downtown St Pete, do not forget to visit Social Roost for some of the best appetizers and drinks.

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